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Angelique Morgan posters


September 22, 1975

Birth Sign



5' 3" (1.6 m)


Angelique Morgan, nicknamed Frenchy, is a model, TV host and reality television star best known for her appearances on VH1s reality shows Rock of Love 2, Rock of Love, Charm School and the second season of I Love Money.Originally from France, Frenchy moved to Las Vegas in 2004 to pursue work as a glamour model and exotic dancer. In the next few years, she undertook many modelling assignments and was approached to make guest appearances on several American TV shows including Playboy TV, Criss Angel MindFreak, and The Howard Stern Show.In 2008, after spotting one of her appearances on The Howard Stern Show, a casting producer for VH1 contacted Frenchy and asked her to take part in the US reality TV show Rock of Love 2. It was her fun, outgoing, wild and crazy personality which made her stand out from the crowd and land a main role on Rock of Love 2. In fact, she made such a big impact in Rock of Love 2 that VH1 quickly signed her up for two more TV series including I Love Money 2 and Rock of Love, Charm School, which was hosted by Sharon Osbourne. read more

As well as her television work, Frenchy is also a keen TV host and actress. Her credits include the movie Reality Horror Night and TV show Rev TV. She has also guest-starred and made cameo roles as herself as in a few adult movies. In 2014, Frenchy hopes to undertake more TV roles and launch a career in the UK and Europe.

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