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Angelique Fawcette, Producer and Actress, born in Santa Monica, California, raised in various cities such as Riverside, Inglewood, Baldwin Hills, and West Los Angeles, California, is the Co-Owner of Archangel Films LA with her husband Writer, Director, Executive Producer Steven L. Fawcette.In 2013, Angelique Fawcette was engaged to produce her first Feature Film, titled "Unbelievable!!!!!", which she and her husband cast 40 previous and iconic Star Trek stars in, additionally they cast Gilbert Gottfried and Michael Madsen in this mentioned film. Angelique and her husband also drove 12 hours from California to New Mexico and back to meet with and hire Star Trek TOS Legend, Emmy-Winning Composer Gerald Fried to compose their film score for their film "Unbelievable!!!!!", Fried accepted. Angelique produced a 3-day Film-Score Recording Session with a 29-piece orchestra also including the following individuals, TOS Star Trek "Spectre of the Gun" and "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly", Bass Harmonica Player Tommy Morgan, Grammy and Oscar Winning Keyboard Player Dave Grusin, and Guitarist Michael Anthony. read more

Angelique also worked as the Lead Producer, Unit Production Manager, and Line Producer for the Feature Film "Unbelievable!!!!!". She also became an Executive Producer after raising a significant amount of funding for this mentioned film. While performing these tasks, Angelique also had a supporting role in "Unbelievable!!!!" in which she auditioned for prior to her roles within the company.Angelique Fawcette lives her life on positivity and the belief that anything is possible and in addition to her love for creating quality productions, a quality set environment, and performance, Angelique Fawcette is an advocate of hiring responsible entry-level individuals in open positions within her company forwarding them the opportunity to accomplish their life-goals. Also, unfortunately inspired by a negative situation in her life, being thrown out on the street along with her mother by her maternal grandmother at 11 years of age, one of Angelique's personal life goals is to assist The Homeless in her corner of the world as well as to assist anyone willing to work towards their desired path in life.

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