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Born in Norfolk, Virginia Angelina was raised in a culturally diverse household. Her father, an Italian American and her mother, a first generation Turk.As a result of her father's extensive military career, she was fortunate enough to start traveling at a very early age. Living in Virginia, New Jersey as well as a 2-year tour in Japan provided Angelina with the perfect introduction to regional cultures and cuisines.Angelina spent most of her school years growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada. After graduating, she moved with her family to Cyprus, Turkey. It was there that she learned to appreciate the complexity of the Mediterranean lifestyle. She absorbed with enthusiasm what is was like to walk in the footsteps of history. A deep appreciation for life began to grow.When Angelina returned from overseas, she took a small detour in her 20's to wrestle for a show filming at the Rivera Hotel. The show was called G.L.O.W. - Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Her characters name was Little Egypt. Angelina had no idea the show would become iconic. read more

During its 4 year run in the United States, it pulled in over 6 million viewers a week. It then went into global syndication and continued to pick up fans over the next 10 years.Little Egypt along with the other original G.L.O.W girls have become legends in female wrestling. With the popularity of You Tube, the show has created a huge cult following.Smashing Pumpkins, lead singer, Billy Corgan released his song in September of 2008, titled G.L.O.W, dedicated to the show.Angelina was asked to co-star in the Smashing Pumpkins short film and music video called "Owata" where she played herself as a wrestling Booker.Netflix and the executive producers of Orange is the New Black will be writing a 10 episode comedy series based on the documentary "GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling" which Angelina received a co-producer credit. The documentary went on to receive several awards including Best Documentary at the San Diego Comic Con, 2012.Angelina continues to stay active in the wrestling community, appearing on several talk radio shows, and as the UN-official spokesperson of the GLOW girls, she spear- headed the only reunion and is also a professional speaker and mentor. Angelina continues to give back to the wrestling community.Residing in Laguna Beach, California, Angelina still enjoys traveling around the United States and Europe in search of inspirational cultures. She has written over 300 recipes that were influenced by those travels. Angelina is happily married to her husband of 25 years she has an 24 year old son.Angelina embraces everyday of her life with found memories and opportunities to grow and share.

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