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Angelica Chitwood posters


October 9, 1986

Birth Sign



5' 4" (1.63 m)


Angelica Chitwood was born in Woodland Hills, California. Raised in Minnesota until 17, she was a child actress, doing everything from film and television, to commercials and theater. She spent her high school years doing musical theater and classical vocal training. At 9, she appeared in "Showboat" for two summers, playing young Kim, with the touring Broadway cast. She appeared in numerous national commercials and voice spots between 7 and 12. Along with her film and television work, doing two seasons as a Series Regular of the nationally syndicated Fox television series, "Algo's Factory", at the age of 9. Then at 17, she graduated high school early, and returned to California, pursuing her dreams of being a professional actress and singer. Angelica studied with her peers, where she mastered her craft, doing improvisation, scene writing and performance, auditioning, and script breakdown. In 2015, Angelica starred in the horror movie "The Chosen", with Kian Lawley, a YouTube sensation. Playing a young mother whose child gets possessed. read more

Independent film, "All Out Dysfunktion", was released in September of 2016. Angelica stars, in another gripping dramatic role, but this time a dark comedy turned tragedy. Also a recording artist in several genres, Angelica has produced country, rock, pop, r&b, soul, and hip hop albums. She's focusing on a soul record for a 2017 release. Between June and October of 2016, she independently produced five singles, and two music videos, in her "Heal the World" series. And in 2016, "No Woman's Face Remember", a short film she stars in, went to Cannes Film Festival. Three separate European film festivals nominating her for "Best Lead Actress In A Short Film", for her performance of a small town good girl, gone bad.

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