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Performing has become second nature for Angela Ray. In fact, since her initial recitation in First Baptist Church she hasn't looked back. What began as way to gain attention and applause as a child has emerged into a lifelong passion for words and performance. This passion proved positive, when Angela, a freshman in high school, advanced to represent the state of North Carolina in the National Civic Oration Contest and was the first student of color to do so. The attention was exciting as she was featured in newspapers, acknowledged by city officials and named Person of the Week in Fayetteville by WFNC, her hometown. What seemed to be her shining moment soon faded as college was on the horizon. An award winning speaker, actress, television personality, and author, Angela Ray is an honors graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in Radio, Television, Motion Pictures and Speech Communication. As an actress, her film and television credits include One Tree Hill, Dawson's Creek, Miracle in the Woods, Louis, Off Ramp to Eden, Infamy, and Torn. read more

Her stage credits are many, two of which are Permanent Collection and Blues, which she starred in at the National Black Theatre Festival for two consecutive biennials. She was nominated as best supporting actress in a comedy play for her role in The Dance on Widow's Row by the Triangle Theatre Awards. An honors graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a double major in Radio, Television, Motion Pictures and Speech Communication, Angela continues to expand her territory. A George Moses Horton Award winning poet, Angela is the author of the book of poetry, Blackberry Whispers. She is a contributing author the following anthologies: Delta Girls: Stories of Sisterhood, No More Silent Cries, and Gumbo for the Soul. A produced playwright, she has two full-length plays to her credit: Loved Ones and Aluta Continua (the struggle continues) which was presented in conjunction with the University of North Carolina's Bicentennial Celebration. A charismatic television personality, Angela's most recent endeavor is working with Brand Newz, produced by Christopher "Play" Martin. She is the founder and producer of the Mahogany Dime Awards, an annual ceremony that honors the achievements of African American women from across North Carolina. During the inaugural ceremony, she was given a key to the City of Durham. The next year, Durham Mayor Bill Bell proclaimed March 12th as "Mahogany Dime Day" in the City of Durham.

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