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Angela Dodson posters


April 10, 1980

Birth Sign




Angela Dodson moved from a small town in Texas to Los Angeles in 2002 to "chase the dream." She first got bitten by the acting bug when she was a finalist in the Miss Hawaiian Tropic International Pageant in Oahu in 2001. A made for TV special: Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding was being filmed and Angela was chosen to be an extra for the film. It was then and there she decided that she needed to give it a go. She was managing a chiropractic clinic in Beaumont TX at the time, so when she returned, she informed her boss that she would be moving to L.A. in 6 months. On March 17th, 2002 she loaded as many of her belongings into her Honda Accord and set out on the 25 hour drive to LaLa Land. She had made arrangements to "sublet" space in a make-up artist's living room for $350 a month. As she was looking for representation, she was sent out on an audition so the agent could get feedback from casting directors as to how she came across on camera. This audition was for The Joe Schmo Show. Angela booked the series regular role of Molly Crabtree that very day. read more

The show aired on Spike TV and very quickly gained millions of fans. From there, Angela went on to small roles on shows such as the daytime drama, General Hospital as well as the FX hit, Nip/Tuck. Along the way, she hosted several on air and live shows such as "Christmas At the Grove" with Wayne Brady co-hosting. She went on to appear in the DTV movies, "National Lampoon's Pledge This" starring Paris Hilton and "Pretty Cool 2." In 2006, Angela received very sad news that her grandfather was dying of cancer back in Texas, so she returned to say her good-byes. While there taking care of her maternal grandfather, she lost her paternal grandfather to congestive heart failure. Four days later, her other grandfather passed. At that time, Angela decided that "Los Angeles will be there forever, my family won't." and moved back home. She presently works in the medical field, marketing for a diagnostic sleep lab. She has appeared in a few short films and the soon to be released Indie film, SKUM Rocks since returning home.

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