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Anelia Dyoulgerova posters


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5' 5" (1.65 m)


Anelia Dyoulgerova was born in the city of Varna in communist Bulgaria. She grew up in a middle class family as the youngest of two daughters. At the age of 8 she was captivated by the art of synchronized swimming. She trained everyday until an injury brought her competitive sports aspirations to an end. After a difficult period of reevaluation she discovered the world of acting. She was 10 years old when her parents enrolled her in youth theater troupe. Anelia fell in love with the stage instantly. When she was 12 she auditioned and was accepted to a more advanced theater troupe. The troupe was well known all across Europe not only for its remarkable youth theater program but also for its unique performances incorporating puppets lit with ultra violet light. Anelia dedicated herself wholeheartedly juggling school, theater training and family obligations. Puppetry became her new passion. At the age of 15, after attending a weekend carnival at her school, Anelia got in trouble for her "inappropriate Westernized" costume which was dishonoring the Communist Labor Day Weekend. read more

To show an example the Superiors cut her short as a punishment for her "unacceptable" ideas and behavior.Two years later, as an obligation to the communist doctrine, she reported to the semi-army boot camp for young women. Anelia performed her duties as a young cadet and successfully completed training which included conventional battlefield exercises, first Aid, and the use of firearms. After graduating from high school, at the age of 17 she left Varna to follow her dream. Anelia auditioned at the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts in the capital city of Sofia. She was accepted on a full scholarship after five tormenting rounds of elimination. In 1996, Anelia graduated as an honors student with a Master's degree in acting and puppetry. During the next 2 years Anelia was cast in numerous film, theater and television productions. In 1998 an invitation for her theater troupe to perform Off-Broadway theater in New York led Anelia to America. After a remarkable run on the stage of theatre "Miranda", Anelia took the chance of a lifetime. Without the benefit of language or money she stayed and started a new life in the US. The immigrant's life put Anelia into the test. While struggling to "fit in", learn the culture and the language at times she would take up to three different jobs. She was able to manage their overlapping schedules to support herself and her family back home. In early 2004 her love for acting would lead her further West to Los Angeles. Her first motion picture role was in License to Wed. There she co-partnered with Robin Williams as the belly dancer along with John Krasinski and Brian Baumgathner, directed by Ken Kwapis. Soon after, Anelia worked with Roland Joffee in Captivity. She performed with Vivica Fox, Jean-Claude La Marre and Rudolph Moise in Trapped: Haitian Nights. Anelia's latest film appearance is in Welcome to Me co-partnering with Kristen Wiig, directed by Shira Piven. Her most recent works include: Commercial for Axe; Print Ads for Bevel Eyewear and number of Voice-Over projects for several international productions and US TV series.

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