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Andy Peeke is an Actor, Comedian and TV Host. Growing up in Palos Verdes, CA he was an All-American high school football player, he went on to attend the University of Colorado on a football scholarship. Noted as an undersized, and ferocious, football player for his position, he eventually started at fullback and linebacker. A constant performer and comedian, Andy has always been drawn to entertaining others and pulling pranks his entire life. He started acting in community theater projects in Denver, CO and has since blossomed into an accomplished stage and screen actor with multiple television and film credits. He is a bi-coastal actor with training credits and experience in both NYC & LA. Andy has also performed as a regular on the New York City Stand-Up Comedy Circuit and in the NYC Underground Comedy Festival. He is a well respected actor by his peers because of his commitment to each character, his dramatic range and comedic timing.

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