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Andy Clyde posters


March 25, 1892

Birth Sign




Andy Clyde's more than 40-year film career started on the vaudeville stages and music halls in his native Scotland in the 1920s. He made his way to Hollywood and began as an extra in Mack Sennett comedies, but he was soon moved up to featured player, usually the sidekick or second banana to the lead. He had his own series of well-received comedy shorts at Educational Pictures in the mid-1930s, and began a long association with Columbia Pictures, where he made his own series of comedy shorts over the next 20 years. Being a popular player there, he outlasted every Columbia Pictures comedian except The Three Stooges. He is best remembered, however, for his role as California Carlson, the easygoing comedic relief in Paramount's highly successful "Hopalong Cassidy" film series. He played in 36 of the 66 movies, and also joined William "Hoppy" Boyd on his popular radio show. Andy Clyde also played in several other western films, usually playing the grizzled, grungy, scruffy marshal, deputy or just plain old cowboy, generally with several days growth of beard and a sloppy, mismatched wardrobe (in real life he was exactly the opposite, being a slick, clean-shaven and sharp dresser). read more

His last film, Pardon My Nightshirt (1956), also brought an end to his Columbia shorts series. He had regular parts in such TV series as No Time for Sergeants (1964) and The Real McCoys (1957). He died in 1967, age 75, in Hollywood, still working.

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