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Andy Sykes is an English actor known for The Syndicate, Shameless, and Damage. He was born in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Andy's dramatic abilities were noticed at an early age when at only 7 years old, Superman bed sheet wrapped around him like a cape, he leaped from his second story bedroom window thinking he could fly. He couldn't. However it was perhaps inevitable that he would become an actor. Deeply grateful to his High School Drama Teacher Paul Lomas, and College Drama Teacher Liz Heywood, Andy was able to put his energy into something that would keep him out of trouble.. This hard work and application resulted in him securing the lead role in the stage production of 'Indecent Desires' at London's Lyric Theatre Hammersmith at the tender age of 17. Andy went on to train at The Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama, London, and has been working steadily on stage and screen ever since. The variety in the characters he has played, illustrates his versatility. Along with an innate ability to find the warmth and humanity in even the darkest characters. read more

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