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Andrew was born January 20, 1968 in Harkov, Ukraine. His mother and father were both engineers. Born an athlete, Andrew dabbled in amateur mixed martial arts and boxing fights as a kid until he eventually joined the military and served 5 years in the Russian Special Forces. He attended university in Moscow, Russia and received his Masters in Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine. After moving to America in the early 90s, Andrew had a brief stint in boxing where he gained the nickname, "Siberian Tiger", competing in both underground and professional competitions across America. Andrew landed his first role in the film "Miami Vice" after he auditioned to be an extra and was personally chosen by director, Michael Mann, for the role of the character, Isbaella's head bodyguard. Since then, he's worked for heavy hitters such as Michael Bay and appeared alongside Hollywood names such as Michael Madsen, Steven Seagal, and Jeffrey Donovan. Andrew enjoys acting as a career and in his spare time trains others in Chi Qong. read more

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