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Andrew Levitas posters


September 4, 1977

Birth Sign




Growing up in New York City, Andrew Levitas found himself surrounded by life and the many reflections of life. It was in these reflections and interpretations that he found his interest. A mainstay at city theatres, museums, and galleries at a very young age, Andrew found himself surrounded by many of the brightest and most unique artists of a generation. At 15, he became a member of an experimental repertory company and began acting in the theatre. By 21, he had a degree from New York University and a hugely successful acting career spanning across both television and film platforms.By 25, he had burst onto the art scene with a dynamic mix of talents and a unique vision. Levitas' "Photo on Metal Experiment" transformed the way that photography is presented indoors and out. The process creates an image far more beautiful, functional, and evocative than previously possible. With added depth and richer color, his works on metal create unmatched beauty; when hung, they become windows from which the most expansive and beautiful of landscapes can be seen. read more

Levitas' work continues to evolve and in early 2007, he mounted an ambitious and critically acclaimed show pairing paint, canvas and organic materials. The collection was reflective of Los Angeles life and in part a commentary on emotion, the way we choose express ourselves, and the ways in which we insulate ourselves from essential truths.Levitas has been published in some of the world's most prestigious magazines, has shown in top galleries, and is included in some of the most important collections in the world.

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