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Andrew Jones posters


October 6, 1983

Birth Sign



5' 11" (1.8 m)


Andrew Jones is a Welsh producer, writer, director and editor.Born on 6th October 1983 in Swansea, South Wales, Andrew was educated at Olchfa Comprehensive School and later attended the University of Glamorgan. At the age of 27, he founded production company North Bank Entertainment to produce independent British feature films with a similar aesthetic to the work of American luminaries Roger Corman and Charles Band. Andrew has since become one of the most prolific independent film producers in the UK.Andrew's feature films, most of which he also writes and directs, regularly receive Theatrical, DVD and digital distribution in numerous territories around the world including the UK, North America, Canada, Germany, South America, Australia and New Zealand. Distribution companies he has worked with include Lionsgate and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. His top selling titles include the 'Robert the Doll' series.Outside of his work with North Bank Entertainment Andrew has also undertaken numerous screen writing commissions, writing scripts for companies in the UK, Italy, North America and Canada. read more

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