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Andrew J. Rodney posters


Birth Sign



Andrew is an all around artist starting with his sculpting ability since a young age. When he can, in moments of respite between TV and stage projects, he sculpts faces and figures out of everyday objects. He obtained a bachelors degree in visual arts from Ramapo College in Mahwah NJ and through juried art shows he has won multiple scholarships that enabled him to take graduate classes in acting/theater and computer animation at William Paterson University in Wayne NJ. Andrew has experience working with major TV networks as well as small non profit theater projects. In 2013, soon after he started to submit for roles in NYC, Andrew gained SAG eligibility through a film called "Sinceres Heart". Since then he has been performing various lead and supporting roles on screen and stage. In addition to his professional training and experiences, his acting skills have been deeply shaped by his personal view on life. In 1996, he recovered after three and a half days in a coma and twenty-three broken bones. read more

This made him more determined to pursue his passion as an actor. Andrew is a native to Brooklyn and moved to Bergen County NJ as a kid. Besides acting and sculpting Andrew has experience modeling, wrestling, Krav Maga, swimming, cycling and dog handling.

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