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Andrew Hunsicker posters


Birth Sign


6' 1½" (1.87 m)


In 1983, Andrew was accepted into the American Academy of the Dramatic Arts summer program. He didn't go. And he regretted that decision.Over the past 30 years, through one lovely marriage, four beautiful children, two picket fences, one long corporate career, two stints in rehab and countless hours of study with great acting teachers such as Mike Lemon, Drucie McDaniel and Kenneth McGregor, Andrew came to learn that the key to acting is the same as the key to life. And that is, as James Cagney said, "Know your lines, show up on time, look them in the eye and tell the truth."Since late 2013, Andrew has been back gratefully pursuing his dream and has had the pleasure of working on over 50 projects including films (short and feature length), music videos, commercials, web series and voice over work.

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