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Andrew Grant is an American actor born in Goldsboro, North Carolina to Mr. Roland and Mrs. Loretta Grant. He has English, Irish and Scottish ancestry. Always infatuated with entertainment superstars, Andrew performed as the King himself, Elvis Presley, at his junior high spring concert. He remembers the electricity in the auditorium that night during his performance as "other worldly" and has been hooked on entertaining every since. Shortly thereafter, his mom bought Andrew his first electric guitar. Heavily influenced by rock and roll super groups such as KISS, Def Leppard and Bon Jovi to name a few, Andrew played electric guitar in several high school rock bands and still plays guitar today. After high school, Grant enrolled at East Carolina University in North Carolina where he studied business. While at the university, Andrew was also acquaintances with Sandra Bullock, who is one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. Andrew moved to Palm Springs, California in 1993 and was employed at Marriott Vacation Club International. read more

After a few years in sunny Palm Springs, he transferred to Hawaii on the beautiful island of Oahu, where he now calls home. It was in Hawaii that Andrew caught the acting bug, when he noticed a television show being filmed on the lagoon outside of his office window while at work. The show that was being filmed was a FOX production called "North Shore." Seizing the opportunity, Andrew immediately signed on with a top local talent agent, and enrolled in acting classes taught by world renowned acting coach Scott Rogers. Within four months, Andrew co-starred on the show in a scene with actress Shannen Doherty. This was a dream come true for Andrew, as he remembers watching Shannen on the hugely successful show "Beverly Hills 90210." Since then Andrew has co-starred on the CBS hit television show Hawaii Five-0, and today his stardom continues to rise.

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