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Andrew Frankel posters


August 20, 1974

Birth Sign



6' (1.83 m)


Raised and college-educated in the Philadelphia (PA) area, Andrew Frankel focused his efforts primarily in brand management at the Hasbro and Mega Bloks toy companies during his burgeoning career. His passion for toy and media synergy has presented consistent opportunities in driving public exposure for projects, implementing and understanding effective marketing campaigns, and reaping the rewards of licensed tie-in programs.With his infamous squinting smirk, the wide-eyed Andrew worked on-set as an extra on the picture Alien Space Avenger (1989) produced by his cousin, Robert A. Harris. His ensuing summer work with the Virginia-based Demaine Vickers Advertising Agency (1994) as assistant for a regional Chevrolet commercial, confirmed his compatibility for the on-set and post-production environment.In 1993 Andrew involved himself with studio work as a news reporter, anchor, writer, camera operator, editor, TelePrompTer and audio operator for "UTV13 News Digest" at his alma mater. His excitement for the field of broadcast journalism led him to pursue an internship at the local WB affiliate - the Philadelphia evening newscast "Inquirer News Tonight" (1996). read more

Having moved to Los Angeles at the onset of 1997, Andrew sought out acting experience, on-set production (Evolution Film & Tape and InCue Productions) and pre-production development with WKR Productions, creating miniature models for Godzilla (1998) and the James Bond thriller Tomorrow Never Dies (1997). He worked seamlessly with efficient, professional teams and learned the importance of respecting and trusting talented crews. His work in front of the camera included extra work on the TV show Babylon 5 (1994), various commercials and uncredited appearances in the features Krippendorf's Tribe (1998) and City of Angels (1998).By the end of the year Andrew had moved to Cincinnati to work at the Kenner toy company and was promoted to the Hasbro Toy Group headquarters in Rhode Island (1998) to hone his efforts on feature and toy-line hybrid properties. His exciting stint at Hasbro (1997-2003) lead to exposure on significant media projects and product line innovation and development including NASCAR, Jurassic Park, Batman, Star Wars, Transformers, and GI Joe.In 2001-2002 Andrew edited scripts for the entire season of the Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2000) animated program on FOX Kids, and was credited as a creative consultant on "Transformers: Armada" and several episodes of "Transformers: Energon". He worked extensively with ReelFX in Dallas to create a series of highly regarded TV spots and the direct to video/DVD CGI feature G.I. Joe: Spy Troops the Movie (2003). He later assisted with story development and concept creation for the sequel G.I. Joe: Valor vs. Venom (2004).In 2004 Andrew moved to the "great white north" in search of new challenges in an emerging media market. He enlisted at the entrepreneurial toy company Mega Bloks, where he spearheaded the Dragons and Pyrates brands, serving as a creative consultant for the CGI feature Dragons: Fire & Ice (2004) and as a key developer with Bardel Entertainment on the follow-up feature Dragons II: The Metal Ages (2005). Andrew also approved and oversaw creative direction on several stop-action/CG hybrid animation projects for the Dragons and Pyrates properties developed by Studio Canalidea in Spain.

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