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Andrew Dawe-Collins posters


December 9, 1956

Birth Sign




Andrew Dawe-Collins, 'PITCHFORK' 'TRAINSTATION' 'THE ROUTE' A Detroit area actor.Born the middle child of 7 kids to Andrew and Joyce Collins in 1956. Andrew graduated Richmond High School in 1975, the first to graduate in his family. Traveled with a small touring acting group from 1975 thru 1977. Andrew left the group in late "77" then traveled around the country on his own for about 10 years before settle back down in his home town of Richmond Michigan. Returned to acting in 2010 when a friend asked him to play a villain in a short film for the Detroit 48 hour film festival. This short film stoked the acting fires for Andrew and he has since gone on to work in 10 feature length films, his most notable being 'PITCHFORK" directed by Emmy nominated Glen Douglas Packard. And 'TRAINSTATION' from collab feature films.He just recently finished work on a pilot for a series directed by Eric Wheelwright.Andrew has appeared in17 music videos, most notable, 'KID ROCK's, CARE' and 'DISCLOSURE'S, WHITE NOISE with over 30 million views. read more

And over 21 short films. Andrew has won 2 best actor awards. One for the short film 'NUTSHELL' at the Downriver Detroit underground film festival and one for the feature film 'SONG of the BLIND GIRL' at the Ann Arbor International Film Festival.

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