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Andrew Dan-Jumbo posters


June 25, 1965

Birth Sign



6' 2" (1.88 m)


Andrew was born in Nigeria to a Nigerian father and a British mother. At age 3, during a civil war, his mother took him and his brother and sister to England to raise them in a safe environment. His father stayed back to help his country heal. Not having a lot of money, Andrew learned how to fix things that were broken from a very young age.After college, Andrew moved to San Diego, CA and polished up his surfing skills, becoming a semi-pro surfer for several years. He then moved to England to work in graphic design, moving back to the US, to Buffalo, NY in 1991 to open a construction/design company with his brother Raymond called Eurotek. Eurotek specializes in commercial and residential construction as well as historic restoration.Andrew contributed to the book 'Open My Eyes, Open My Soul" created by Yolanda King and Elodia Tate. His story titled "The Gift of a Lifetime" is the account of his parents' meeting and marriage and his childhood, the fleeing of his family to England, and revisiting Nigeria while growing up. read more

It is a very poignant story and we highly recommend reading it!Named one of People's Most Beautiful People in May, 2003, Andrew continues to do some modeling for charity, one being the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. He loves to cook, jet ski, surf, drive fast cars and most anything athletic.

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