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Andrew Boyle posters


Birth Sign


6' 1½" (1.87 m)


An American actor, and award-winning screenwriter, Andrew Boyle has performed on both stage and screen. Entering the industry he has been fortunate to work in Film, Television, Theater, Commercials, Voiceover, and more. After a few years spent in dance companies touring the United States, Europe, and Asia, he began extensively training at Uta Hagen's HB Studios in New York. Straddling theatre and dance, he moved easily between the disciplines in regional productions and national tours. With a growing resume, he is known for his versatility and quiet, layered character work. His roles have ranged from forlorn lover and impatient husband, to nerdy sidekick and grieving widower, always searching for roles that make him a better Actor and collaborator. His current and upcoming projects include: "Tell Me Not To", "South On Austin", "Los Ojos No Ven", as writer, actor, and producer.

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