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Andrew Bowen posters


March 31, 1972

Birth Sign



6' 2" (1.88 m)


Andrew Bowen's acting career began after seeing the movie Grease and announcing to his parents that he "wanted to be like John Travolta when he grow up." Born in Boston and raised in Vermont, Andrew spent his youth studying Modern Jazz/Ballet, appearing in dozens of local theater productions from Pippin to Guys and Dolls and immersing himself in Marvel comics and the movies of John Hughes, James Cameron, and Steven Speilberg. A bit of good luck (a director chose his grandmother's house to shoot a commercial at) landed Andrew an agent in New York at 14. After 4 years of commuting to NYC for auditions, he landed his first role as George Stark, Katheryn Erby's love interest in the Bill Murray/Richard Dreyfuss comedy What About Bob?Although director Frank Oz informed him that his role ended up on the cutting room floor (essentially becoming the extra that just wouldn't go away, LOL) Andrew headed for Hollywood to continue his professional acting ambitions.Andrew booked his first commercial almost immediately and began building up his acting resume. read more

Andrew had also discovered a strong desire to direct and began studying screenwriting at USC. His first big break finally came when he was cast as the lead in Capcom's a live-action interactive video game Fox Hunt. Andrew shined as Jack Fremont - a 'James Bond meets Dumb and Dumber' type character that gave Andrew a chance to showcase his incredibly physical comedy, dramatic acting and martial arts skills. The game ended up being so funny, is was turned into a feature film, developed as a TV series and landed Andrew a Talent Deal at Warner Brothers.While waiting for the pilot to be shot, Bowen decided to write, directed, and act in a short film as an auditioning piece to play Peter Parker for director James Cameron (who was attached to make the Spider-Man movie). Although Cameron's Spidy film fell through, the short solidified Andrew's desire to be a filmmaker and he began writing "Along The Way": a very personal and tragic coming of age story he planned to make as his directorial debut.After the Fox Hunt pilot was not picked up, Andrew joined the cast of the 5th season of Fox's "Mad TV" where - due in no small part to his uncanny impressions - he was quickly called one of the "New Talents to watch" by TV Guide.After a season on the show - and with financing help of his father - Andrew was finally able to realize his dream of directing and made "Along the Way". Aside from his writing, directing and producing duties, Bowen gained over 40lbs to play the films tragic outsider, Jocko. A year later, after rave reviews and a ~ Best Feature~ win at the Wilmington International Film Festival, Bowen's hopes of releasing his film were dashed when he discovered his producer (and personal friend) had performed a series of illegal activities during production which locked the film in a legal firestorm that kept the film from being released. After 5 years of work, Andrew was crushed he could not release his film. That same year Andrew saw the birth of his twins. With a growing family, he had no choice but to sidelined his writing and directing ambitions, buckled down and keep securing acting work so he could support his family. Luckily, Andrew found steady work over appearing in hundreds of commercials, dozen's of independent films, TV shows and voice over - working with such high caliber talents as Gale Anne Hurd (The Walking Dead), Dean Devlin (Independence Day), James Mangold (Walk The Line), Lasse Hallstrom (What's Eating Gilbert Grape) and Jason Reitman (Juno, Up In The Air). Some notable credits include starring opposite Uma Thurman in The Gift, as Reggie in the horror anthology Holidays, starring in the award winning web-series The Division and as John in the hysterical cult comedy Rock Jocks. Some TV and VO credits include: recurring role's on Magic City, Reno 911!, ER, guest appearances on NCIS, Criminal Minds, Leverage, Dollhouse - as Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat X, Josh Birk/Nyte Blayd in Saint's Row 3-4 and Doc in Star Wars: The Old Republic.Andrew can currently be seen playing 5 different incarnations of the character Jack in the award winning film A By Called Po. Andrew also recently completed work on the comedy I Hate Kids (working again with director John Asher) and will be seen in the black comedy All For Nikki and the independent feature Tribes of Palos Verdes.Last year, Andrew finally shifted his focus back to filmmaking - spending a year writing, editing, producing, acting and directing a stunning 14 minute high concept, sci fi proof-of-concept for the TV series he's making called THE 716TH. The Rogue Initiative, ICM and Jackoway Tyerman are working with Andrew to set up the series.

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