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Andreas Vougioukas was born in Limassol, Cyprus and grew up in Athens, Greece. He is Greek and graduated from one of the best Drama schools in Greece the Theodosiadis Athens Drama Academy where he received a full scholarship as well as notoriety as the top Drama graduates in the history of the academy.He first gained exposure in the Theater in Athens Greece where he continued on to Cyprus. His first tv appearance was in one of the award winning tv series called "Se Fonto Kokkino" which ran for 4 years in the role called "Hectoras" The same network gave him the lead in another tv series " 7 Ouranoi Kai sinefa alites" as "Aris" which ran for 3 years which became the number one series in the channels history. These roles were in the serious Drama category.His greatest success came with the Greek tv series "Brousko" as the role of " "Manolios" his first role in comedy in a drama series which ran for 4 years in 57 countries where he became a household name. This role was his best performance being that this was a drama series. read more

After his huge success in Brousko, he was nominated and won the best new actor in a tv series. Andreas than expanded his horizons by producing his very own tv series "OSA den Xeries" where he filmed 3 seasons in record time where he also played the role of "Paris" His series ran in both Greece and Cyprus. Along within this timeframe he also produced his very own film " the waiting room" where he played the role of Andreas. This film will make its debut in 2018.

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