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Andreas Beckett posters


November 30, 1968

Birth Sign


5' 10" (1.78 m)


Andreas Beckett was born at the foot of the Bavarian Alps as one of six children and grew up in a farming community 40 miles from Munich. He began playing ice hockey at the age of seven. By the time he turned 16 he was a five time National Junior League champion. In the next six years he excelled in Swing Dance Acrobatics as part of the world champion team. At the same time he earned a Masters degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Munich. A choreographer working for Jerome Robbins, scouted Andreas and offered him a role in West Side Story with the Cleveland Opera. In the same year he performed at the Papermill Playhouse, Radio City Music Hall, New York's Metropolitan Opera House and became a founding member of the acrobatic dance company Antigravity. With a successful career as a dancer, Andreas got the acting bug and for the next three years studied at The William Esper Studio in New York. Andreas made his television debut playing Hitler on Saturday Night Live. This was followed by his acclaimed portrayal of MacBeth at the American Theatre. read more

It was during this period that he also played the lead in his first film, _Empty (2001)_ by Micah Herman, earning the Audience Award at the DGA, in Los Angeles. The multi-talented Beckett is also a classically trained international tenor. He has performed with the highly successful "The Three Waiters", a spoof about "The Three Tenors", with the Metropolitan Opera (New York), Cleveland Opera, the National Opera in Munich and the Santa Barbara Opera. Most recently Beckett starred in the films: The Way Of The Vampire (2005), Death As A Tango (2004) and God Is No Soprano (2003) and as well as guest-starring on Dr. Vegas (CBS) and, Days of Our Lives (NBC). As a Co-Producer he initiated productions of Heine and Ratcliff at the Angel Orensanz Theatre in New York. Andreas currently resides in Los Angeles.

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