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5' 1¾" (1.57 m)


Chilean actress and singer, with Italian background, Andrea Velasco was born in Santiago, Chile. Since early years she showed interest for acting, dancing and music. Attracted by soul and jazz, she began practicing singing on her own. At the age of 15 she began studying popular music and singing, developing a career with Afro and Latin rock music influences. At the same time, she took part in several theatrical events during her school life, which induced her to study and reach a degree in modern dancing and acting.In 2001 she entered the Acting career at Finis Terrae University in Santiago, where the following year she was granted a "Merit Diploma" for her outstanding performance in the School of Acting.In 2003 she won the "IV Festival of Short Plays" with Crucidrama, a play of her authorship which she later directed (at the contest's final show), thus awakening her interest for other areas of theater as direction and dramaturgy.In 2005 she traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to improve and delve deeper in her studies of acting, theatrical direction and music. read more

A year later she returned to Chile and obtained her Professional Actress degree, with the highest score at the Final Exam's evaluation, for her role as Mama Ubú, in the play King Ubú of Alfred Jarry.In 2007 the Chilean National Council for the Arts and Culture, awarded her with a "Honorable Mention" for her drama El Sobre Azul (The Blue Envelope), at the XIII National Contest of Dramaturgy, which later was presented as dramatized lecture at The Chilean National Theater.In 2009 she was granted a FONDART (Fondo Nacional para el Desarrollo De la Cultura y las Artes) recognition, one of the most important awards established by the Chilean government, which includes financing of artistic projects, for her play El Sobre Azul, nowadays being staged under her direction.As a singer, in 2007 she returned to Santiago's music scene, performing in a jazz and soul quartet. She has also performed within other independent musical projects covering different styles, as rock and pop.She has participated in several theatrical and audiovisual performances.She made her debut at film actress in 2010 with the movie "F*ck my Life" as Ángela De María, directed by Nicolás López. After the success of this movie, they decided to do a second part named "F*ck my Wedding" in 2011, for that role she was nominated in 2012 as "Best Movie Actress" at "Altazor" Awards. In 2013 with "F*ck my Family" by Nicolás López, and Eli Roth as producer, Andrea was part of the first romantic comedy trilogy in Latin America, achieving the success of being the three comedies more views in the last years in Chile.In 2014 debut as solo singer with her album "Piñata", and for the single "De Paseo" was nominated as "Revelation Artist" in the Chile Music Awards "Pulsar 2015".Now she is working in movies, television, theatre and music.

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