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Andrea Vagn Jensen posters


August 22, 1965

Birth Sign



5' 11" (1.8 m)


Andrea Vagn Jensen grew up in a lot of different countries due to her father being an engineer. Her mother was a nurse and helped out in the hospitals near the places they lived. She has 4 brothers. When she was 19, she came back home to Denmark, where she auditioned to get accepted for a spot in the drama school in Aarhus. She got in! After she was done with her education to become an actress she was hired by Aarhus Theatre (which is connected with Aarhus Theatre-school). She appeared in plays like "Maria Stuart i Skotland" in 1991. Thereafter she performed freelance in different theaters. She got her debut in "To mand i en sofa." She got her big break in the danish hit-drama "Strisser paa Samsoe", which made her famous. In 1998 she starred in the movie "Karussel" as a prostitute. The children would probably remember her from NU er det NU (2000), where she was the host, and from Jesus & Josefine (2003), where she played Josefine's mother Louise.

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