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Text: Text: Andrea Savio is an American actress and artist. She is better known as Andria Savio for her role in Stryker. She is famous for being with movie star legend Tony Curtis.Andria was born in Manhattan, New York on February 27, 1963. She was raised in a glass house designed by her father in New Canaan, CT. Her house was located directly across from another famous glass house -The Philip Johnson Glass House which she could see from her front door step. Nuns lived there when she was a young girl. She remembers mostly her artistic career beginning with piano lessons with surrealist artist and pianist Wilma Ervin. She is the daughter of Vicki Savio Valley and Dino Savio. Her mother was a ballerina for The New York City Ballet under George Balanchine and danced at Carnegie Hall. She is proud of her mother for being awarded best artist of the year from The Museum of Modern Art in the early seventies. She became a ballet teacher after her choreography days. Her father, also a modern artist, and architect, was an important industrial designer for Eliot Noyes, IBM, Seth Thomas and Westinghouse. read more

( Her father designed top secret computers for The Pentagon. He also has an honorable original painting hanging In The Pentagon of "The Phoenix".) Together in theater her parents worked off Broadway and her mother choreographed shows such as Cabaret, Brigadoon, Company and Hello Dolly. These were shows that went off Broadway and went into summer stock, while her father designed the sets for the productions. Her grandmother Eleanor Kallman was an original Rockette in the ballet chore of The Ziegfeld Follies and her Grandmother danced with Fred Astaire in Bandwagon for one season as the lead actress and understudy. Her Auntie El - "Ella" ; Eleanor Wells ( Cousin on her grandmother's side) whom Andria lived with in New York while attending Stella Adler, wrote The George White Scandals with her husband Billy K. Wells. They wrote comedy for the greats: Abbott and Costello, Al Jolson, Burt Lahr ( from the Wizard of Oz), Eddie Cantor, Jack Benny, Milton Berle, and Martin and Lewis. This show business family history inspired Andria early on through the years to be an actress. Andria is the youngest of two of siblings; Her brother Christopher Savio, and her sister, Laura Savio Strobel.Andria began her acting career in her teens by starring in ingénue roles in community theater in Florida. She starred in Bus Stop playing Marilyn Monroe's famous part. She also starred in The Pleasure of His Company, Forty Karats and Lo and Behold. She was cast in her first movie Death Screams in a leading role as "Kathy" directed By David Nelson from The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet television fame, and at the age of 16 she was on her way to Hollywood to audition at MGM for the lead in The Dorothy Stratten Story, and to become a star. She was cast, but not in the role she went for so she decided to take another role offered to her instead -the lead in Stryker and the role of Diella. She arrived in Hollywood fresh and untethered, and was cast immediately in Stryker, a Road Warrior remake movie, directed by Cirio Santiago and filmed on location in The Philippines. She met Tony Curtis six months after arriving in Hollywood, and after her agents saw the relationship go public, her agents thought she had "already made it", so she did not go out on many auditions at that time, and instead kept busy with her private life. Andria decided to stay in show business regardless of her relationship woes, so she accepted a friend's plea to play a part in a silly comedy film called Beach Fever as one of three singers helping out the story line. Andria also acted in a film produced by David Winters-- ( West Side Story) in Death Chase, which to this day she has not even seen herself. She received her AFTRA card from being on General Hospital, yet television was never her ambition. It was always to be a movie star. Andria starred in a few commercials directed by her first director David Nelson, and with Tony Curtis, and modeled a while for international clothing companies in catalogs and print. She also helped her friend Lorraine Cornfeld and billionaire Bernie Cornfeld run their modeling agency "Max" as secretary and as make up artist/hairstylist. She traveled extensively around the world with Mr. Cornfeld as his administrative assistant, attending Tea Parties to save the Wild Elephant's.Andria Savio (also credited as Andrea Savio) graduated from High School in 1981 in Clearwater, Florida. She attended some college with credits in English and went to Beauty school to study cosmetology. She was given an award in a national competition she wrote in 1980 for "My Commitment to My Country", a speech she wrote for The Veterans of Foreign Wars. Her acting studies include studying with The Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting and The Milton Katselas acting group with The Beverly Hills Playhouse in the mid-eighties.Andria left Hollywood and its heartbreaks to travel and see the world, but later returned to her home in Florida and decided to get married and raise a family. She is a widow now, and has proudly raised her son, Preston- now a U.S. Army veteran. Politically she has been involved in the presidential campaigns of Former Vice President Al Gore, and U.S. Senator John Edwards, and worked with the Democratic labor party helping U.S. Senator Bill Nelson of Florida. Since then she has been a mother, a homemaker, and an artist where she paints magnificent paintings larger than life on canvas, and loves to replicate Monet, Matisse, Picasso and Renoir. Someday Andria intends on going back into acting, perhaps the new age of films made for cable and internet, as this seems to be where the new Hollywood wave is headed....perhaps already is--and this has always been Andria's true inspiration in life.

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