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Andrea Fellers posters


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Andrea Fellers was practically born in front of the camera. She started modeling when she was a child and fell in love with acting around the age of six when she played "Rumple Stiltskin" in her kindergarten school play.She moved to Los Angeles when she was a teenager and shortly after arriving she was cast along with Amy Smart and Sean Hayes in the film version of John Updikes "A&P." Andrea's acting and modeling credits include Feature Films, Television, Commercials, Theatre, Print, and Runway.Several years ago Andrea's professional achievements expanded into directing and writing. She utilizes her experience and knowledge as a performer to achieve her successful techniques and approach to directing. After teaming up with Blake West, together they founded Ivisualeyes Films and since then Andrea has directed, produced and written several films, commercials and music videos. (Charlie Chaplin's production company Propeller Productions recently signed Andrea Fellers & Blake West as a directing team Fellers & West. read more


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