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A Series Regular in over 100 episodes of television for Televisa and Telemundo, Andy Zuno has become one of the most sought after Latin actors of his generation. His breakthrough performance in the hit series "Al Diablo con los Guapos" (Down with the beautiful) earned him the Best Supporting Actor Award for his role as Hugo. It's U.S. ratings are among the highest for Spanish language TV, alongside CSI and American Idol. Andy went on to Star in "Pasión," "Decisiones Extremas," the mini-series "Mujer Casos de la Vida," and "Amar de Nuevo."Andy is also a highly acclaimed musical theater performer, honored by the National Theatre Press Association as the Best Actor in a Musical for his performance as "Emmanuel Milares." Andy was the lead in the original cast of the hit "Mentiras, el Musical" (Lies, the musical-the longest running comedy in the history of Mexican musical theater. He also recorded the OTS to the musical which has sold over 30, 000 copies, becoming the highest grossing theater soundtrack to date, in Mexico. read more

Andy began his film career in 2004 with a supporting role, alongside well-known Mexican actor Rogelio Guerra, in Emisario del Odio (Messenger of Hate). The same year, he made his theatrical debut in Edward Albee's "The Play About the Baby," directed by Victor Weinstock, This success led to his role in "Te Odio" (I hate you), written by one of Mexico's most respected contemporary playwrights, Ximena Escalante, with renown director Mauricio García Lozano. The trio went on to work together in award winning plays "La Luna 100 Watts" and "El Códex Romanoff."Andy then represented Mexico in the World Music Theater Festival in Holland, Belgium and Italy-starring in "Unos Cuantos Piquetitos" (A few small nips), a musical about legendary artist Frida Kahlo. This was the opening show of the festival and sold-out each night.Andy's film and theater success lead to his television debut In 2007, in the television series "Pasión," produced by Carla Estrada, Mexico's most renown telenovela producer."Pasión" aired in more than 200 countries. That same year, Andy starred in the Miniseries "Loteria," with legendary Mexican actors Isela Vega, Sergio Corona, and Evita Muñoz "Chachita". Andy's big breakthrough came with the telenovela "Al Diablo con Los Guapos" (Down with the Beautiful) playing Lead Hugo Arango."Al Diablo con Los Guapos" broke all records in US Spanish speaking TV, competing in ratings with national shows such as CSI, America's Next top Model and American Idol. This show has been one of the most televised in the history of Univision. Andy received the Best Supporting Actor of the Year Award from Fama, in Miami Florida.In 2008 Andy leads three episodes of the Telemundo series "Decisiones Extremas" (Extreme Decisions) including the opening episode aired in Puerto Rico, the US and Mexico.From February of 2009 until February 2010 Andy was part of the original cast in the musical comedy Mentiras (Lies, the musical). He starred as Emmanuel Mijares, the leading character of the play. This Musical Comedy has been an absolute phenomenon in the history of musical theater in Mexico. It has become the longest running mexican musical in history. In August of the same year, the CD with the original soundtrack of the play was released becoming one of the top ten best selling albums in Spanish. This had never happened with a theater soundtrack in Mexico. It remained on first place of top selling soundtracks and on the third spot of Spanish speaking records for more than thirteen weeks. Up to today this record is a golden record for all the sold copies.On March 2, 2010 Andres received the APT Award, which is given by the theater press (mexican Tonys) as the best leading actor in a musical for his work in Mentiras.In june of the same year, Andy released his first single as a solo pop singer. Suma de Dos, was launched as a free download through www.andyzuno.com Suma de dos was the first single from his debut album: Andy Zuno Más de una vida (More than one life) This album contained 12 tracks and two bonus tracks. Most of the tracks were pop hits from the eighties decade, originally performed by female pop singers or pop bands.The show Más de una vida (more than one life) premiered at Amapola concert Hall in Mexico City having a couple of months of ongoing concerts every week. The video of the single Suma de Dos premiered in TeleHit the latinamerican Mtv, having great acceptance from the audience. Andy returns to television in 2011 with his role as Lorenzo in the TvSeries Amar de Nuevo (To Love again) written by one of the most important Telenovela writers of all times, Enrique Torres. This tv series is a Telemundo Universal production, and its actually airing in Puerto Rico, Spain, Mexico etc.In July 2011, Andrés produces with Greenline Entertainment and Spit Magazine Tv AndyZuno Más de una vida Acoustic session, an unplugged concert of his debut album. This show was aired livestream through a digital magazine online and recorded a great number of viewers around the world.

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