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Andréa Vawda posters


Birth Sign


5' 9½" (1.77 m)


Andrea Vawda has a passion for creativity that moves her to pursue it in all of its forms. As an actor she has participated in theatre and television productions, does broadcast commercials, online hosting and advertisements, fashion modelling and event hosting. Andrea is also a singer who writes, records and performs original music as a solo artist and she works as a vocalist with other artists. In addition, she writes articles on a variety of topics for various publications including online.As well as being an artist, Andrea is a pragmatic optimist who believes that nothing is impossible if a person works for success. This philosophy led her to complete 2 university degrees (B.A. and B.Ed.) which she followed up with certification as a Professional Counsellor. Andrea has an independent counselling practice through which she works with youth who struggle with self-esteem, substance misuse and other issues. She also counsels artists who want to engage in personal discovery as a part of honing their particular craft. read more

As a working "creative" herself, Andrea has keen insight into the unique challenges faced by artists.

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