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Anastasia Mirabelle Brosda posters


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5' 6½" (1.69 m)


Anastasia Mirabelle Brosda is an American actress born in Sarasota, Florida. She is the daughter of Alexander and Katerina Brosda. Anastasia's younger sibling, Sebastian Amadeus Brosda, is a sports model. Anastasia grew up in Miami Beach, Florida. She started to take ballet classes at age six, at the Miami City Ballet School Children's Division, to acquire structure in terminology, musicality, focus, flexibility and expression. Ballet lessons also shaped her to develop proper group interaction, creativity, body awareness and classroom etiquette. Anastasia is trained in ballroom dancing, lyrical dance, piano, singing and acting. In 2016, Anastasia won a Medal of Excellence at the Florida State Junior Thespian competition in the 'Monologue' category. This was followed in 2017 by two Superior Medals for 'Ensemble Acting' and 'Improvisation' respectively. In the 'Improvisation' category Anastasia also received the Honorable Mention Certificate. She premiered on the big screen as 'Jamie' in a supporting role in 'Summer of My Discontent' (2018), a feature film produced by Rinky Dink Productions, Ltd. read more

, directed by award-winning writer David A. Haines. Alexander Jaramillo was the director of cinematography. In her second feature film, 'Escalate' (2018), Anastasia was cast as the female lead portraying 'Skyla', a kind and compassionate girl, with a strong connection to God, who gains the trust of an angry and depressed boy. The movie was directed by Walter Binns, Jr. and director of cinematography was Arturo Lorde. Anastasia continues to work as an international photo model, having worked with such global brands as Adidas, Hilton, Coppertone, Best Buy, Sports Illustrated and Snapper Rock to name, but a few. Anastasia is actively involved in the Pajama Program, a national non-for-profit organization that provides new pajamas and new books to children in desperate need. Anastasia is being raised with the awareness that there are less fortunate children in her community, and her involvement and responsibilities to give-back have grown with her maturity. She has been engaged, since the age of six, in fundraising efforts and various drives to collect new pajamas and new books. In 2016 Anastasia called large corporations such as Target, Costco and Kmart to get a hold of their respective leaders asking for donations. Anastasia is the recipient of the President's Award For Educational Excellence honoring her outstanding academic achievements. She enjoys baking, cooking, writing, traveling and meeting new and interesting people. Anastasia is social media savvy and accumulates an ever growing online following by people interested in and supportive of her journey.

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