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Anastasia Ganias posters


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Anastasia Ganias is an American actress best known for portraying Tracy Togs on the HBO series True Blood (2008).In 2008, Anastasia moved to Los Angeles and quickly began guest starring on shows such as Dexter (2006), Parks and Recreation (2009), Desperate Housewives (2004), Party Down (2009), CSI: Miami (2002), and CSI: NY (2004). One of Ganias' most notable roles to date was a guest starring role as Megan in the multi camera comedy, _Acording to Jim (2001-2009)_. Directed by Penny Marshall, Anastasia worked alongside the brilliant Garry Marshall and Jim Belushi. In film, she starred as Claire in the award winning indie comedy Missed Connections (2012).In 2012, Anastasia was cast as Tracy Togs in the fifth season of True Blood (2008) as a recurring character.Anastasia is currently bi-coastal, dividing her time between Los Angeles and New York.

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