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Ana Mackenzie posters


July 19, 1988

Birth Sign




Ana grew up in Illinois as the eldest of three sisters. At the age of 10, Ana found her second home at the theatre, playing the understudy of Annie in her first community theatre production. She performed in countless plays and musicals throughout her childhood as well as booking national commercials. The summer after Ana graduated from high school, she landed a supporting role in the feature film Meet Bill (2007), alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood. After completing 2 years of college as a theater major, Ana made the move to Los Angeles to continue to pursue her dream. After just a few months, she began booking roles on television series such as House (2004)., Entourage (2004) and Lie to Me (2009).Forever eighteen, Ana Mackenzie landed a recurring role on ABC Family's The Secret Life of the American Teenager (2008), as well as a starring role in the ABC Family pilot, Untitled Brenda Hampton Project II. She eventually moved on to guest star on other networks, in shows like Chicago P. read more

D. (2014) and General Hospital (1963). Most recently, Ana stars in the upcoming feature film American Zealot (2016)," a coming of age crime drama, and the successful festival short, Audrey Makes a Mixtape (2014), a 1980s teenage love story.

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