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Amit Trivedi posters


July 11, 1979

Birth Sign




Amit Trivedi's musical journey started during his days at Rizvi College Mumbai where he joined a fusion band called "OM". The band did few gigs and got an album released by Times Music but the album failed due to poor promotion. Amit's struggle continued with ad-jingles, background scores for TV serials and Theater. As a part of a two year contract with Sony BMG, Amit composed some tracks for Abhijeet Sawant's Junoon and one track in Prashant Tamang's debut album. Singer Shilpa Rao introduced him to director Anurag Kashyap who was looking for a composer for his ambitious project Dev.D. Anurag was so impressed by Amit's music that he decided to convert Dev D (2009) into a musical. Dev.D was meant to be his first release but ran into some production delays. Anurag recommended his name for Aamir (2008) which eventually became his first Bollywood release. Dev.D was the major turning point for him, earning accolades, fame and a National Film Award for Best Music Direction. He also won two Filmfare and a Star Screen award for the same movie. read more

He continued working with his college band mate and lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya in Dev.D, Wake Up Sid (2009) and Udaan (2010) He believes in making good music that can be related to film's script instead of becoming a music factory. His favorite genres are Jazz, Rock and Western Classical and favorite instruments Clarinet, Oboe, Mandolin, Harmonica.

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