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Amirah Johnson posters


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Amirah Johnson was born in 2007 in the Washington, DC area. Her love of acting and dancing started at age 2. She moved to the Houston, TX area in 2012 and began working on perfecting her craft by performing in local school and theater plays.After meeting with experienced talent scout Nikki Pederson of Nikki Pederson Talent (NPT) in 2015, Amirah accepted an offer to enroll in the NPT L.A. Invitational 2016 team. She studied for a year with famed acting coach, Max A. Decker, and worked with casting director Patrick Baca. As part of this team, she traveled to Hollywood in 2016 and performed in a showcase where she gained the attention of a significant number of agents and managers. At the age of 9, she moved from the Houston, Texas area, along with her family, to Los Angeles to pursue her love of acting.

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