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Amir Perets is a Krav-Maga & Defensive Tactics Expert. Mixed Martial Arts, self-defense & Combat Fitness instructor; he is an instrumental figure in popularizing the self-defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces known as Krav Maga.At age 18 Amir Perets became Israel's full contact heavy weight martial arts champion (Dennis survival), in the same year he was enlisted into the Israeli Defense Forces, also known as the IDF.Gaining recognition for his close contact combative abilities, he was promoted to serve as a Krav Maga instructor of the infantry and Special Forces units. After his military service, Amir continued to expand his range of instruction and came back to his love of mixed martial arts, Krav Maga and fitness. Amir now specializes in instructing Krav Maga to both the private and public sectors. In addition to his self-defense and fitness programs, he also offers his expertise to the film and entertainment industry.Excelling as a Krav Maga & combat fitness instructor in the military, Amir was assigned to certify instructors through the hand-to-hand combat course; this is the height of professional ability and command authority for krav maga instructors in the Israeli Defense Forces. read more

Amir was selected to serve for the elite IDF Naval Commando Unit (the Israeli equivalent to the U.S. Navy Seals). It was in this unit where he was able to build, modernize and improve the unit's hand-to-hand combat program.After completing his military service in the year 1996 Amir traveled to Thailand and continued to pursue his interests in mixed martial arts. He was given the opportunity to train extensively in Muay Thai (Thailand's famous system of kick-boxing). Amir has found a way to combine his passion for mixed martial arts with krav maga in which he holds 4th degree black belt and fitness to offer an innovative and unique fighting system.In 2009 Amir was inducted into the Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame for his outstanding contributions to the military, law enforcement and the world of martial arts.In his own quest to discover the best answers for the threats of today, Amir continues to work with various professionals and martial artists. He also trains with and instructs world champion "no holds barred" professional fighters in order to give them the military fighting edge that they need."Amir Perets Self Defense & Combat Fitness" is a simple and effective training method that allows participants to deal with both armed and unarmed assailants.Amir now resides in the United States and he is devoted to transferring his knowledge and skill set, teaching defensive tactics and life saving methods to Military Counter Terror Units, Federal agencies, Law Enforcement, Entertainment Industry and Civilians worldwide. "Anyone who is willing to commit themselves can learn to protect themselves" - Amir Perets

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