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5' 4" (1.63 m)


Amie Barsky hails from Atco, a small town in Southern New Jersey. Although at a young age she took interest in dance and gymnastics, she still says she was a bit of a tomboy growing up. Her weekend ritual was riding dirt bikes, playing kick ball and going to Atco Raceway to watch the drag cars zoom down the strip.Amie performed with the National Ballet of New Jersey and then continued feeding her passion for performing as well as her education at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Along with dancing, she took an avid interest in acting, photography, kinesiology and anatomy. While attending college, Amie had the unique opportunity of being a part of the National Football League organization as a cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles. Not only did she perform for over 60,000 fans each week, she also enjoyed reaching out to the community through various charity functions.Since then, Amie has relocated to Los Angeles, California and continues to work as an actress, model, dancer and choreographer. read more

Working in the entertainment industry has allowed Amie to travel to over 20 countries and she enjoys every minute of it! She has had the privilege of working in all mediums of the entertainment industry, from directors Jay Roach and Robert Luketic, to actors Mike Myers and Jennifer Lopez, to musical talents such as The Dixie Chicks, Meatloaf and Outcast, as well as national campaign and commercial ads such as Ford, Wrigley's, Gap, Coors Lite, Marlboro, Mitsubishi.Amie describes herself as an "adrenaline addict ready for anything at a moments notice." She has demonstrated herself to be a woman of intelligence and high spirits with a genuine heart and a good sense of humor. She is enjoying her climb to success as an actress and looks forward to whatever lies ahead.

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