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Amelia Tyler posters


February 10, 1981

Birth Sign



5' 7" (1.7 m)


Amelia (born Emily Morris) grew up in Warwickshire, England. She took to the stage at a very early age and after doing her first voiceover at the age of 5 she went on to appear in 'Boon' (ITV) and 'Verdict' (BBC). At just 16 she trained with the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain (the youngest person to be accepted onto the full course that year) and just six months later became ITV's youngest ever continuity announcer, hosting kids' show CITV five days a week.After taking a break from performance to gain a degree in Experimental Psychology Amelia signed with London voiceover agent The Excellent Talent Company and in 2008 launched herself back into the world of acting with characteristic enthusiasm. In that year alone she appeared in several shorts and five feature films, including independent sci-fi movie 'Triple Hit' and British Comedy 'Nativity', starring Martin Freeman and Ashley Jensen.Amelia was the female continuity announcer for the UK's SyFy Channel for five years (2005 - 2010) and is now known for her numerous appearances as a voice actor in video games. read more

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