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Born to humble beginnings in New Orleans, LA, Ameer, affectionately known to his friends and fans as Millie, had an early life that was as gloomy and as ill fated as a young life could have been. In and out of the "system" as a kid for transgressions ranging from youthful indiscretions to major crimes, he was seemingly on a one-way trip to oblivion. But much like Malcolm X who experienced a rebirth through self-education and through reading inspirational stories while behind bars, so, too, was Baraka inspired by reading about the likes of Nelson Mandela who moved mountains and changed the world from his Robben Island jail cell. Perhaps more than any other influence, Baraka attributes his personal transformation and metamorphosis to the spirituality and self-love he developed from reading the Bible behind bars.Baraka began his professional acting career by appearing in music videos and making minor appearances in national and international television commercials. This early work, along with his dedication to the study of the acting craft with some of Hollywood's leading acting coaches and instructors, led to increasingly prominent roles. read more

His breakthrough came when he landed a major international television campaign for Korean automaker, Hyndai. In the spot, he played a super human machine who outraced a car. Big wigs in the entertainment industry took note, and soon Baraka was being solicited for roles alongside some of Hollywood's biggest names, including those of the Emmy and Academy Award Winner variety.First there was Baraka's co-starring role in the comedy hit, The New Guy, alongside comedy veteran, Eddie Griffin. Then there were roles alongside Blair Underwood and Academy Award Winner, Forest Whitaker, among many others of that ilk.When his native New Orleans became a hotbed of filmmaking after Hurricane Katrina, Baraka was quick to return home, not just to selfishly continue to rack up film credits, but also to pay it forward through his work with at-risk youth. His dedication to exposing underprivileged kids to movie and TV show sets, his mentoring them right in their own crime infested public housing projects, and his relentless efforts to get them off of the streets and into the classroom caught Oprah's eye. The Queen of Daytime Talk dedicated an episode of her acclaimed Blackboard Wars show to Baraka and his life changing and life saving work.More roles followed. When the producers of Fox's American Horror Story, Coven were looking for an actor who embodied the A strength and character worthy of playing the love interest of one of their List co-stars, Angela Basset, they chose Baraka as that man. His role as the show's fan favorite, Minotaur," allowed him to sit at the feet of greatness by interning, if you will, not just with Basset, but also with two-time Academy Award Winner, Jessica Lange, and one-time Academy Award Winner, Kathy Bates, all of whom are now like family to him.The blogosphere is replete with stories about which Hollywood starlet will have him squire them to movie premieres and red carpet events, and which network drama or big budget feature will be his first leading role.The drop-dead handsome bachelor is a fitness fanatic who is dedicated to inspiring young people with his message that they, too, can overcome meager beginnings and obstacles in their way to eventually triumph through hard work, dedication, the pursuit of education, and strong faith. This strong faith of his, as powerful as an atom bomb though as small as a mustard seed, is the principal driving force of Baraka's testimony. Proud of every aspect of his life, including his brief stint in the Louisiana State penal system for a youthful transgression during his childhood, he uses all of his life experiences to heighten interest in the way that God has personally made a way out of no way for him. Baraka now travels the world, speaking at colleges, universities, corporations, and youth organizations to promote the Word and to make it accessible and digestible for as many as possible who will lend an ear.Baraka is also a spokesperson for one of the world's leading travel websites, newyork.com, where he joins many of the entertainment industry's biggest stars to share stories about their love for the City that Never Sleeps.

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