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Amber Rhodes posters


Birth Sign


5' 7" (1.7 m)


Amber Rhodes is a an award winning film actress, who has been bringing a fun twist to her characters for the past 7 years. Receiving "Best Actress" and Louie Anderson's "Favorite film" award in 2015, for a short film she co-created, was a huge honor.Movie's like the original "Batman", "Honey I shrunk the kids" and "Terminator 2" were big influences in Amber's early life. Getting taken away for those two hours, experiencing the vibrant colors and characters, as well as the incredible sets, and it made her want to pursue acting in a whole new way. Amber would love to act in a sci fi fantasy movie, as well as play a villain at some point in her career too!Using the Stanislavsky's method for her acting, Amber was trained by Anthony Bova/Bova Actors workshop, as well as improvisation through Brave New Workshop. Amber enjoys a good character challenge, and doesn't mind researching and studying up on specific personalities and behaviors, and channeling her own life experiences to really bring characters to life. read more

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