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Amber Plaster posters


January 22, 1987

Birth Sign



5' 9" (1.75 m)


Amber Rose Plaster is a sassy redhead born in Southern California & raised in Atlanta. She recently lived in Las Vegas & now calls west Los Angeles home again. She grew up in the theatre community in Atlanta performing in such plays as Annie, Oliver Twist, Steel Magnolias and Waiting For Godot. She moved to LA in 2007 to continue acting. After leaving behind a brief career in print modeling that bored her to tears, she started booking her first independent films.In 2008, she was discovered by talent agent JD Sobol for her unique look and outgoing personality. In 2009 she booked her first TV show, Make It or Break It. Since then she has been hosting a daily ustream for iwearyourshirt.com and has starred in films that have premiered in film festivals across the country.Her most recent film "The Last Night", not only won the Audience Award at the Las Vegas 48 Hour Film Festival, she won Best Actor as well.

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