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Amber Nelson grew up in Potomac, Maryland. She is the daughter of Dr. Fizzeh Shirazee Nelson and Noel R. Nelson. Nelson is one of 6 siblings, whole, half and step, and the mother of one child. Nelson attended Norwood School, in Bethesda, Maryland, for elementary school, The Holton-Arms School for 7th-12th grades, Kenyon College and University of Maryland. In 1998, Nelson received a BA degree in Arts & Humanities with a double major in Studio Art and Art History & Archaeology with a minor in Business. She also began working towards her MA in Publications Design at the University of Baltimore in 2014.Nelson's first time being on-camera was at the age of four for the DC 20 channel on the children's show, "WOW!" Nelson went on to become a MD Thespian in her high-school years, playing, lead, supporting, solo, chorus and dance roles as well as helping out backstage, building sets. She's appeared in television commercials for the Baltimore Orioles as well as in several reenactments for, "America's Most Wanted. read more

" Amber played, "Maxi," in the film, "2 Minute Heist," which was written and directed by both Kris Arnold and Dan Deluca. Nelson and Deluca are also in a mutual episode of HBO's, "The Wire." Deluca plays, "Dr. Parenti," while Nelson plays, "Miss Thiessen," a teacher, in season 4 in the episode titled, "Know Your Place." Nelson has also enjoyed being frightened and frightening her audience, while working as one of the lead actors in Discovery Channel's, "A Haunting," episode, "Where Demons Dwell.""Connections," previously titled, "Short Story," is the title of a SAG independent web series, shot in Maryland and Virginia in 2007 and directed by Russell Nohelty. Nelson plays one of the leads, a college-aged older sister who is living at home with the parents.One may have seen a glimpse of Amber Nelson doing a touchdown gymnastics dance in purple and black striped tights in a Maryland Lottery commercial. The commercial aired on occasion during the Ravens football games at the M&T Bank Stadium during the 2007-2008 football season when the Ravens score a touchdown.In 2009 Nelson played the the leading role of Sergeant First Class, Stephanie Cruz, a Casualty Assistance Officer for a dramatic SAG film made for training the US Army. She was awarded a metal of Excellence while performing on the film set at Fort Myer by the US ARMY.

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