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5' 7" (1.7 m)


Amber Marie Bollinger was born in Bellevue, Ohio, and graduated from Bellevue High School, where she still holds the high jump, hurdles, and longest make-out record. In addition to her numerous athletic and perverted accolades, she was also the Ohio all-state high jump champion, Homecoming Queen, and the recipient of many compliments regarding her physical attributes ("Best Legs," "Best Body," "Best Feet," Best Jugs," "Best Head," and also "Best Jokes"). She went on to receive a BFA from The University of Cincinnati, where she earned a scholarship to continue to run track, jump high, and break records, while majoring in Electronic Media, where she discovered her love for making movies. Upon graduation, Amber moved to "Hollywood" to pursue a career in acting. She has appeared in over 35 national television commercials, a slew of short films, as well as several feature length films. In 2015 Amber received the highly coveted Best Actress award for her role in the award-winning sci-fi drama "Listening. read more

" Starpulse took notice and named her TOP 5 Female Performances of 2015 alongside Rosamund Pike. But Amber has never forgotten about her good old friend, Comedy. Making friends with so many, Amber started to cultivate a fan base in the comedy world. She has starred in numerous sketches, which led her to co-create one of the most absurd and adored cult comedy web series on the internet, Hollywood is Hard (for Kimmy Kim and Frutron), which has over 3 million views, and counting. Now you can see Amber performing sketch, writing with other funny people, and occasionally getting on stage and making jokes into a microphone or in people's living rooms.

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