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Amber Lee Connors posters


April 9, 1991

Birth Sign



5' 6½" (1.69 m)


Voice Actress, Script Writer and Casting Director. Amber started voice acting in 2007 with a strong passion and vigor for the craft. She firmly believes that through hard work, determination and perseverance anything can be accomplished - and continues to holds herself to these beliefs and standards in her work.From Video-Games and Animations, to Commercials, Radio Ads and more - Amber's versatile and extensive range has enabled her to work in various forms of media. However, her true passion and specialty lay in character voices, especially for Video Games.When she is not working, Amber enjoys a variety of hobbies including; Reading, Writing Fiction, Drawing, Anime, Video Games, Foreign Music, Korean Horror Films, Sewing & Cosplay.

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