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Amber Kuo posters


February 19, 1986

Birth Sign



5' 2ΒΌ" (1.58 m)


Kuo Tsai-Chieh is a renowned actress and singer throughout the Greater China Region. Her career was launched in 2005 when, after winning first place in her university singing contest , she was signed by Nik Yeh , director of the Showbiz Entertainment model agency. In 2007 she signed with Warner Music and released her debut album "Invisible Superman". Her acting career quickly followed with starring roles in the TV series "Woody Sambo" and in 2008 she began filming her first feature film "Au Revoir Taipei". The film went on to win the NETPAC Awards at the 2010 Berlin International Film Festival. Kuo Tsai-Chieh is a leading actress in the "Tiny Times" series of feature films (2013 , 2014) which were a huge box office success , grossing over two hundred million U.S. dollars. The success of these film's, in which Kuo Tsai-Chieh plays the role of Gu Li, has made her a prominent actress across the Greater China Region.

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