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Amber Dawn Fox posters


Birth Sign


5' 2" (1.57 m)


Amber Dawn Fox is best known for her role on The Walking Dead as "Officer Bello" one of Dawn's people at Grady Memorial Hospital in season 5. She appears in the film Descending as "Sabrina" (acting opposite Alex Vincent from the Child's Play films). She has many other independent credits to her name; including the lead role of "Evie" in The Haunting of Four Points (to be released September 2017) as well as the supporting role of "Brenda" in Tarnished Notes (based on a true story and streaming now). She will be working on the feature film Realm, and is set to play the lead villain "Agnes". Production on Realm will be in Nova Scotia.Amber was born in Indianapolis, IN and now resides in eastern North Carolina with her husband and three children. She got her start working on set in 2009, when she happened across a random ad looking for background extras for the television show One Tree Hill. She fell in love with the industry, and has been working her way up since that day.

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