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Amanda Thorp posters


January 10, 1991

Birth Sign



5' 10" (1.78 m)


Amanda was born in San Diego, and has lived in Southern California most of her life. Since an early age, she has been passionate about acting. Amanda has appeared in television productions such as Cold Case, Medium, and Gilmore Girls; a variety of feature films & shorts -- including an anti-meth spot (montanameth.org) by acclaimed director Tony Kaye; and a number of local and national commercials for clients as diverse as Porsche, Legoland, and Sunny Delight.From 2005 to 2010, Amanda worked as a model for Ford Models in Los Angeles. She has worked for clients like Teen Magazine, Teen Vogue, Seventeen Magazine, Flaunt, and V Magazine. She has walked the runway at the CFDA Fashion Awards and for Giorgio Armani's pre-Oscar show, among others.After attending Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama, she has returned to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career. As of 2012, she has been a part of the Groundlings School and Theatre (Levels 1,2).

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