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Amanda Renee Knox posters


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5' 7" (1.7 m)


Born on an U.S. Airforce base in Torrejon, Spain, Amanda grew up in a military family. At a young age, her family moved home to Texas. Growing up in Texas, Amanda trained as a dancer, with Patsy Swayze (Patrick Swayze's mother) at their small studio in Garden Oaks. It was here that she discovered her love of creating and performing. She later trained in Opera, studying with the legendary Elena Nikolaidi, performing at such venues as Westminster Abby (London), as an artist in residence.In 1998, Amanda moved to New York City to pursue dance, sustained an injury and In 2003, entered The William Esper Studios on scholarship. It was at this point that she began a journey into film and theatre, she has both the talent and the artistic flexibility to move between the two.In 2010, she began to venture into the world of filmmaking from behind the camera. She wrote directed, produced her first short film that was warmly accepted at festivals worldwide.A fellowship recipient at Chapman University, Amanda is obtaining an MFA in Directing. read more

A lover of action, westerns and war films, Amanda exhibits great promise as an innovative and gifted director. Her films encourage audiences to deeply consider human nature.

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