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Amanda Renberg posters


June 9, 1987

Birth Sign



5' 7" (1.7 m)


Amanda started out as a 6-year-old in the Swedish short film "Happy Birthday", which she was scouted for during a ballet class. Coming from a family of academics the choice of a life on stage and in front of the camera was far from obvious, still she knew at a very early age that this was her desire. At 16 she starred in the lead role of Sofie in the Swedish drama hit "The Ketchup Effect", and ever since she has been continuously acting in a diversity of productions in Sweden as well as the UK. She is prone to drama productions but longs to explore the world of comedy as well.Amanda is currently (2015) based in Sweden where she combines her acting with a degree in psychology at Stockholm University. She feels that the study of mind and behavior is the perfect way to gain deeper knowledge about the characters she portrays, and wishes to portray in the future.

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