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Amanda Rea posters


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5' 10" (1.78 m)


Amanda Rea was born in Long Island, NY and raised in both New York and New England. Rea is of Northern and Southern Italian descent.Throughout her life, Amanda was enamored with singing, dancing, basketball and nature. A big love has always been caring for animals.After summer's were spent attending theatrical camps while growing up, Rea was determined to work in the arts. Amanda worked in NYC as a licensed cosmetologist, model and songwriter while studying Acting.As she used social media to promote her original music, a Long Island Dj heard Amanda's work and introduced her to a Sony executive who signed her to a Five year publishing deal. Ultra records then signed her as a recording artist. One of these recordings, When You Look Me In the Eyes, was released as a single in 2010 and saw radio airplay in the dance/electronic genre.Throughout this time of work and development, Amanda attended various theatrical schools studying improvisation. She performed at The PIT and studied dance at The Broadway Dance Center in NYC. read more

Her love for nature, warm weather and the film industry eventually lead her to move to Los Angeles where Rea works as an actress, model and Greenpeace supporter.Rea is working on a project known as The-Rea-OutREAch-Movement, which is in development. This is a movement which educates artists against harming animals as they develop and promote their brands.

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