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Amanda Fry grew up in a large law enforcement family along the Southwest Border of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Amanda was inspired by her mother becoming the first Hispanic female Chief of Police in the United States and decided at a young age to pursue a career in law enforcement.Amanda started training law enforcement officers in college while interning with the Department of Justice's International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP) Manila, Philippines office. Providing training to foreign law enforcement officers eager to update their police tactics and techniques filled Amanda with a sense of pride and connection to the global law enforcement community.Returning to the United States after her summer abroad, Amanda graduated college in three and a half years to make her law enforcement dreams a reality as soon as possible. After eight months of hard work and determination, Amanda graduated from the El Paso Police Department and received her badge from her mother at the graduation ceremony. read more

After a year and a half of patrol work Amanda responded to a 4 a.m. domestic disturbance call reporting that a known heroin user had violently assaulted his mother and sister. Upon arriving at the scene Amanda encountered the individual covered in blood and after screaming and ranting profanities at her he fled into a desert ravine. While pursuing the suspect into the ravine he suddenly turned to assault Amanda and a solo officer altercation ensued. The fight resulted in Amanda subduing him at the cost of a permanent injury to her left thumb and hand. After two surgeries it was determined that she would never move her thumb again resulting in a medical retirement at the age of 27.Heartbroken at the loss of her ability to ever be a law enforcement officer again Amanda turned her frustration into success by receiving her Master's Degree from Grand Canyon University in Criminal Justice while volunteering for law enforcement support organizations and other non-profits. Amanda turned part of her attention to Hollywood and has participated in several popular reality television series and documentary films as well as competing and writing for several major competitive shooting organizations. Most recently you can find Amanda appearing as a law enforcement fugitive Hunter on CBS Television's series Hunted. Amanda will be debuting Never Prey, a new clothing line, encouraging women to be strong no matter what they face in life.

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